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AAOS Introduces the Fracture & Trauma Registry Powered by PatientIQ

Dec 15, 2022 6:00:00 AM

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The AAOS announced the Fracture & Trauma Registry (FTR) will now be powered by PatientIQ. This new partnership will offer healthcare institutions a turnkey solution for FTR participation, thus reducing barriers to tracking evidence-based practices and advancing the delivery of musculoskeletal care. PatientIQ will integrate its cloud-based platform directly with FTR participants’ electronic health record (EHR) to provide a seamless experience that simplifies the ability to collect and submit outcomes data. PatientIQ is a leading healthcare technology company that collects and derives actionable insights from outcomes data at scale. 

“The orthopaedic community looks to the AAOS to set the benchmarks for clinical best practices and provide the most innovative resources to unlock evidence-based insights,” said Michael J. Gardner, MD, FAAOS, chair of the AAOS Fracture & Trauma Registry Steering Committee. “By leaning on PatientIQ’s expertise to deploy EHR-integrated outcomes programs, we take the power of our clinical registry to a new tier. This new registry offering will improve the often-cumbersome data submission process and gives participants a new option for enrolling.”

Creating Unparalleled Registry Program Access

Utilizing FHIR-based APIs and other live integration functionality, PatientIQ will extract and translate critical health information into registry-compliant specifications and submit it on behalf of participating orthopaedic surgeons. In doing so, the platform will ease the administrative and technological burden associated with submitting procedural, post operative and patient-reported outcomes. This partnership adds to PatientIQ’s fast-growing adoption within orthopaedic care, having onboarded over 1,500 surgeons in the last six months alone.

“Improving patient care begins with a solid understanding of how clinical procedures translate into patient outcomes,” said Matthew Gitelis, CEO, PatientIQ. “We’re proud to partner with AAOS to grow the number of sites participating in the FTR and reduce the technical burdens to participating, thereby unlocking the potential for the largest data-sharing network in the world.”

Hospital sites, ambulatory service centers or institutions where fracture and trauma-related incidents are treated are invited to participate in the FTR. Enrollment through PatientIQ is encouraged, but optional.

To get involved with the FTR, email an AAOS Registry engagement associate at RegistryEngagement@aaos.org, call 847-292-0530, or click here.

For more information about PatientIQ, visit www.patientiq.io



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