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What It Takes to Onboard With AJRR in <60 Days

Apr 13, 2018 8:28:17 AM

The Six Stages to Successful Submission

You've chosen the American Joint Replacement Registry (AJRR) for your registry needs and the contract is signed! Now, as an AJRR participating institution, it is time to make RegistryInsights™ work for your hospital(s), surgeons, and patients. How fast and easy is implementation? This week's blog walks you through the timeline, tools, relationships, and resources that will make your AJRR participation thrive. If you are an existing participant, here's how you could maximize your support offerings. If you are just getting started with your Registry efforts, consider this a roadmap of first steps.


Let's Begin With Three FAQs

  1. Who needs to be involved from my institution to achieve the Registry's 60 business day start up? Ideally, involve your internal staff dedicated to the AJRR onboarding process, a project lead from your IT department, and a communications professional to handle communications about your registry activities and benefits within the organization.
  2. What is the first essential goal in a Registry implementation plan? Your internal staff, IT department, and an AJRR Customer Support Analyst will execute the Six Stages to Successful Submission. See "How to Develop a Timeline for Onboarding" below.
  3. How have you addressed data security? AJRR is a Health Information Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) compliant organization. See "Will My Patients' Data Be Secure?" below.


Meet Kristin Parisi, AJRR Customer Support AnalystAJRR Customer Support Analyst Kristin Parisi

Kristin Parisi said, "As an AJRR Customer Support Analyst, from the moment I am assigned to work on your institution's Registry implementation, I consider myself part of your team. Our first essential goal is successful data submission and I provide you with the knowledge, tools, and processes to make that happen. Together, we will follow the Six Stages to Successful Submission and fill out an Onboarding Workbook. The workbook includes a Personalized Task Plan that details the 12-week process and what needs to occur to stay on track with the 60 business day onboarding schedule."


It's All About the Data

To gain the benefits of AJRR participation, it's important to submit the correct patient data. AJRR collects three levels of data: Level I procedural data, Level II comorbidities and complications data, and Level III patient-reported outcomes (PRO) data. 

The submission process involves extracting procedures from your organization's electronic health record (EHR) system, then submitting data through AJRR's secure file transfer site. AJRR converts and compiles data into its own aggregate format, and produces numerous options of comparative reports individualized by facility site, surgeon, procedure, implant, manufacturer, or other value-added criteria.


What Resources Are Required?

While collecting and submitting three levels of data might seem like a daunting task, it is achievable if you plan the right amount of time and resources needed to support the workload. The number of full-time employees needed for Registry data submission varies greatly from institution to institution. Small, low-volume hospitals may perform only a few hip and knee procedures a year, requiring minimal employee time to input these procedures. Large institutions in major cities may perform hundreds of procedures a year, warranting a full-time employee dedicated exclusively to Registry submission. AJRR recommends submitting data on a monthly basis.


Onboarded a Year Ago? Subscribers Can Add a PRO Program in Phase II Implementation

Developing a PRO program, though very worthwhile, requires time and effort. If a PRO program is not currently in place, you will need to involve stakeholders from different departments within your organization. EHR systems and collaboration with PRO vendors will also impact the budget and employee workload. As your institution progresses through the initial onboarding process, the PRO program requirements will become defined.

AJRR encourages past onboarded subscribers who did not implement a PRO program initially to pursue one in Phase II of their timeline. This maximizes your Level III ROI and provides a unique tool to gain a full understanding of patient functional status.


How to Develop a Timeline for Onboarding

Onboarding Workbook to onboard with AJRR

It's an AJRR goal to get participants submitting data as soon as possible. Ideally, participants will onboard with AJRR within 12 weeks. However, each institution is different and the process may take greater or lesser time depending on the institution's unique needs. Our onboarding expectations include participant assistance in meeting mutually defined deadlines and actions along the way. Therefore, communications and planning are key for an effective onboarding process.

The AJRR Six Stages to Successful Submission process is outlined below:

  • Welcome & Kickoff Meeting (Week 1 - Week 2)
  • Account & Invoice Setup (Week 3)
  • Build & Validate Extract (Week 4 - Week 8)
  • Test File (Week 9 - Week 10)
  • Live Data (Week 11)
  • Transition to Ongoing Support (Week 12)

A dedicated Customer Support Analyst, like Kristin, will be assigned to assist you with each step in the submission process.


Will My Patients' Data Be Secure?

The Registry takes data security very seriously, and is a HIPAA and HITECH compliant organization. We utilize industry-wide security best practices when it comes to the integrity and safeguarding of our sensitive information, and you can rest easy knowing that your patient data is protected once it populates in your Registry account 48 hours after submission.


If you are a health care provider and already onboarded, but interested in utilizing AJRR's PRO platform, contact AJRR Support at AJRRsupport@aaos.org. If your institution is considering subscribing to the Registry and would like more information, speak with a Business Development Representative at (847) 292-0530 or Request A Demo today!


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  • Friday, April 13, 2018 – What It Takes to Onboard With AJRR in <60 Days


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AJRR's Customer Support Team

Assists the participating institution with the overall onboarding process. Provides guidance through the data extraction process from your source systems to enable the secure submission of your dataset to the Registry.

AJRR Resource Toolkit

Contains, but is not limited to: Secure Upload Instructions, AJRR Data Dictionary, Authorized User Form, Patient-reported Outcomes (PRO) Onboarding Form, Dashboard Quick Guide, Getting Started Guide, and more. 

The AJRR Six Stages to Successful Submission

The six stages include: Welcome & Kick-Off Meeting, Account & Invoice Setup, Build & Validate Extract, Test File, Live Data, Transition to Ongoing Support.

AJRR Onboarding Workbook

Serves as a key tool for tracking the steps required to complete the onboarding process.


AJRR RegistryInsights™

As a health care provider of orthopaedic services, you can access information about joining AJRR and RegistryInsights by visiting www.ajrr.net or speaking with a Business Development Representative at (847) 292-0530.  New Call-to-action

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