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Spreading Sarcoma Awareness with Patient and Surgeon Stories

AAOS Introduces the Fracture & Trauma Registry Powered by PatientIQ

American Joint Replacement Registry Releases 2022 Annual Report

Shoulder & Elbow Registry 2022 Annual Report Highlights

American Joint Replacement Registry Adds Exactech as Sponsor

Reimagining Prior Authorization for Musculoskeletal Care

AJRR Abstracts from the 10th Annual International Congress of Arthroplasty Registries

2021: A Year of Continued Growth for AAOS Registries

See You at the 2021 AAHKS Annual Meeting!

Study Uses PROMs Data from AJRR to Predict TJA Outcomes

AAOS Registry Program Looks Back at Another Year of Progress

AJRR Annual Report Details a Year of Highlights

American Joint Replacement Registry Releases New Resource to Help Patients Better Understand Physician Recommendations

American Joint Replacement Registry Releases 2020 Annual Report

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Expands Registry Program to Include Fracture & Trauma

AAOS Shoulder & Elbow Registry Launches Shoulder Arthroplasty Predictive Model

Rick's Post-surgery Lessons Learned

The OrthoForum Recognizes AAOS as Its Official Registry Program

NuVasive Becomes First Industry Sponsor of the American Spine Registry to Improve Future of Spine Surgery Through Data-Driven Outcomes

Sarcoma Patient Stories for National Sarcoma Awareness Month

Guest Blog: Qualifying for The Joint Commission Advanced Certification for THKR

Two Million and Counting: AJRR Reaches Major Milestone

Two New Studies Using AJRR Data

Guest Blog: Preparing for Physical Therapy

COVID-19 ICD-10 Code Now Being Collected in AAOS Registries

Data Supplements Offer the Latest on AAOS Registries

9 Reverse Shoulder Replacement Post-Surgery Suggestions from Someone Who's Been There

American Spine Registry Goes Live

Musculoskeletal Tumor Registry Trial is a Success

See You at the 2019 AAHKS Annual Meeting!

WellStar Health System Restructures Its Public Reporting Department

Registry Data Reuse Opportunities You Need to Know

AAOS Registry Program Announces Top 5 Blogs

My Own Joint Replacement Was a Reality Check!

New AJRR Patient-Facing Interim Report Available!

As a Joint Surgeon, I Was Told I Needed a TKA

July is Sarcoma Awareness Month

The American Joint Replacement Registry, Certification, and Market Perception

Nurse Leadership at University of Maryland Shore Regional Health Drives PRO Program Efforts

SER Launches Elbow Arthroplasty and Rotator Cuff Modules

AAOS' RegistryInsights Platform Delivers Surgeon Dashboards

In My Own Words: A Patient's Experience with PRO Survey Participation

AJRR Data Correlate Periprosthetic Femur Fractures with Fixation Method

Study Scours AJRR Data for Traits of Submitters, Patient Response Trends

Study Reports on Trends in Femoral Neck Fracture Treatment from AJRR Data

AAOS Introduces Musculoskeletal Tumor Registry Pilot

AAOS Registry Analytics Institute Now Accepting Applications for Registry Science

Join Us at the 2019 AAOS Annual Meeting in Las Vegas!

The AJRR 2018 Annual Report: THA/TKA Surgical Insights Summary and Beyond

Guest Blog: My Knee Pain Began a Decade Ago While Playing Tennis

NESTcc Announces the First Round of Real-world Evidence Test-cases

Registry Round-up: A Look Back at a Very Good Year

Guest Blog: A Patient Perspective on Joint Replacement Surgery

Effective July 1, 2019: AJRR Chosen as Sole Pathway to Meet Advanced THKR Certification Registry Requirement

American Joint Replacement Registry Releases 2018 Annual Report

Milestone: Academy Launches Shoulder & Elbow Registry

See You at the 2018 AAHKS Annual Meeting!

AAOS and The Joint Commission Collaborate on THKR Quality Improvement

Public Advisory Board Charter Expands From AJRR to AAOS Registry Program

Patient Safety: ISAR and Industry Partner With AAOS to Deliver International Prostheses Library (IPL)

Guest Blog: ASCA, AJRR, and the Orthopaedic Surgery Market

The Virginia Joint Registry Collaborates With AAOS and AJRR

MountainView Regional Medical Center Leverages Registry Data to Earn Joint Commission's Gold Seal

Taking AJRR's Nationally Representative Measure

AJRR Collaborates With State Registries in a Variety of Ways

About the AAOS Registry Program

TriHealth Good Samaritan Hospital: Registry, EBM, and ICPs

AJRR Announces Top 5 Blogs

EHR and Registry Interoperability

June Is National Safety Month, Registries Maintain Continuous Safety Focus

Providence St. Joseph Health: Surgeons Unify Registry Structure

AJRR Public Advisory Board Is the Voice of the Patient

NAON Incorporates Registry Education at Their 38th Annual Congress

AAOS Brings You the ISAR Symposium

AJRR Data Collection: New Specs Release, Annual Reset, Ongoing Goals

Early Linked THA and TKA Revisions Tied to Higher Infection Risks

National Trends in the Treatment of Femoral Neck Fracture

What It Takes to Onboard With AJRR in <60 Days

AJRR Study Yields Insights Into Tracking TJR Revisions

AJRR Unet Value Equation: Benchmarks, Shared Experience, Best Practice

Are My Patients Sicker Than Yours?

Qualified Clinical Data Registries: Helping Orthopaedic Surgeons Document Payment Adjustments Under MIPS

Interested in Cutting-Edge Registry Topics? Check Out These Speakers at the AAOS Annual Meeting!

New THA and TKA Surgical Insights From the AJRR 2017 Annual Report

Educate Patients Using These Outstanding Joint and Bone Health Resources

AJRR Monitors and Measures Outcomes Relevant to Joint Commission Orthopaedic Certification Programs

PRO Data Interpretation: 5 Analytic Resources and Tools to Consider

PRO Data Collection and Reporting: 5 Workflow Features to Implement

Monitoring PRO Quality Measures: 5 Government Initiatives to Watch

Starting a Goal-Driven Patient-Reported Outcomes Program: 5 Steps to Launch

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